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Licence-free and intuitive

The smart home system for your house

As an open standard, KNX is future-proof and has proven itself in countless installations. However, in the past, KNX was too expensive for homes, clinics, offices and smaller purpose-built buildings, and often too complex for installers. With LUXORliving, we have launched a solution that gets by without ETS.

For the start-up, all you need is a free and very easy to use piece of software, which does not require any programming knowledge. This opens up a whole range of opportunities for you as an installer to access the smart home market.

LUXORliving installation situation

LUXORliving is wired in exactly the same way as every other KNX installation. Lights, roller blinds or other functions can be assigned to the buttons of your choice in the software. This makes the installation process flexible, creates significant potential for savings and means that you are free to choose the switch range. LUXORliving works with button interfaces. This means that you can choose what you want from a conventional switch range, as with a standard installation. The button interfaces can be installed in the flush-mounted box directly behind the switch and integrated into the system via bus cable.

Proven security: our LUXORliving smart home system has been VDE-certified

Proven security: our LUXORliving smart home system has been VDE-certified

Our LUXORliving smart home system has successfully achieved VDE certification for information security. The system control centre and user apps were just a couple of things that were tested for protective measures against bugging, tampering, unauthorised use and loss of data.

As a result, you as an installer can be sure that you’re offering your customers a smart home system with the very best protection.

LUXORliving at a glance
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