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Simple start-up

6 steps and you're ready to go

LUXORplug simple start-up step 1: Integrate devices


1. Start project

First, enter all the relevant project information, such as the project name, builder, address and installer.

LUXORplug simple start-up step 2: Create Overview


2. Create overview

Using drag and drop, you can add the rooms to the relevant floors and assign individual

LUXORplug simple start-up step 3: Integrate Devices


3. Integrate devices

Devices that have already been installed can be imported, identified and named automatically. Or you can create the device list manually.

LUXORplug simple start-up step 4: Define functions


4. Define functions

Use drag and drop to add functions to the devices in each room. This determines which devices communicate with each other.

LUXORplug simple start-up step 5: Define functions


5. Program functions

These functions can be transferred at any time. The project planning does
not have to be completely finished to program the devices.

LUXORplug simple start-up step 6: Program functions


6. Prepare visualisation

The project file is transmitted to the system control centre. The functions are then extremely easy to operate and configure using the LUXORplay app.

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