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For all those who are already thinking about tomorrow today

Reliable, future-proof and protected against tampering

So you want to get on board with the whole smart home thing – but how? More and more property developers are taking an interest in smart technology to make everyday life safer and easier. But which system is the right one? The variety of different systems and solutions seems to be endless. In recent years, KNX technology has established its position in the building automation sector but the system often seems to be too complicated and expensive for family homes. Systems that use the standard as a basis but concentrate on the key functions provide a cost-saving alternative that is easy to manage. Just like LUXORliving

Anyone who is building or renovating should include LUXORliving in their plans. The smart home system makes houses and flats more comfortable and provides a pleasant working atmosphere in offices and doctor’s surgeries too. What’s more, it creates optimum conditions for you to tap into potential to save energy.

Where the sun heats up the glass façade at the same time every day, LUXORliving controls the blinds and provides the necessary shade. Individually or in groups – always fully automatic. In the evening the bedroom temperature is at a pleasant 18°C and in the morning you start the day with a cosy 22°C in the bathroom. Totally adapted to the needs of the occupants. And of course, in every room all over the house at any time of day. At birthday parties and other celebrations, LUXORliving helps create a great atmosphere by using individual scenes to set the right mood. And of course, this doesn’t just apply to special occasions, but any time that the occupants of the house need it.

What’s more, LUXORliving will considerably increase home security in the future thanks to its customisable presence simulation. The controls themselves are also extremely secure – with LUXORplay and WLAN.

Proven security: our LUXORliving smart home system is VDE-certified.

For anyone who counts on a smart home system nowadays, simple start-up and flexible expansion options are important but there’s one thing that matters more than anything: protection against unauthorised access.

And LUXORliving is secure! This is proven by the annual certification by the VDE, in which not only the installation processes and system components, but also the operation via our LUXORplay app, as well as the data security of the Theben cloud, are checked in detail.

Proven Security: Our LUXORliving Smart Home System Has Been VDE-certified

Our system – your benefits

LUXORliving dimming function

Perfect night-time dimming.

Is there anything a child enjoys more than a good bedtime story to round off the day? With the day gradually turning to night and the tale imperceptibly becoming a dream. But most importantly, the light has to stay on – at least a little bit. Because most children find they can get to sleep better with a light turned on. As do many grown-ups. Provided that the light is dimmed gently. With LUXORliving, you can have the room as light as you need it to sleep. Or your children’s rooms.

LUXORliving panic function

A comforting sense of security.

It’s good to know that everyone is safe and sound at home. With the panic function, LUXORliving plays a huge role in creating this sense of security, eliminating the thought of panic completely. Or at least it does for you personally – but not for those who want to catch you unawares! If there is the slightest disturbance or unexplained noise in front of, next to or behind the house, a command triggers the simultaneous activation of the building lighting and blinds. This drives away anyone who shouldn’t be there. Even if it’s only the neighbour’s cat!

LUXORliving presence simulation

Imagine you’re away. Yet your routine carries on.

Sometimes you simply have to close the doors and leave everything behind. So it’s great when everything continues in an orderly manner. Just how you want it. Presence simulation in LUXORliving makes sure that the lights come on and the blinds go down at the usual time every evening. Not everyone needs to know that you’re not at home.

LUXORliving App - Everything off

Everything off. Perhaps LUXORliving’s smartest function.

“Darling, just check again if everything is off!” – it’s the same old story: the car is packed, your family are waiting, but you just have to go through the house one last time to make sure everything is as it should be. And when you’re done, you still have a nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something. That feeling is now a thing of the past. With LUXORliving, you can relax as you close the door behind you. Simply press “Control centre OFF” and everything will turn off. From the TV to the iron. Are you sure? Quite sure! The control centre OFF function in LUXORliving is simply practical.

LUXORliving voice control

Super simple to operate. Also with voice control.

The integration in Amazon Alexa and Google Home enables the smart operation of the LUXORliving functions by voice. A smart home system that obeys your every word!

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