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Smart control:

LUXORliving smart home system provides secure remote access

Cloud-Zugriff für die LUXORliving-Funktionen

The LUXORliving smart home system from Theben can now also be controlled and administrated online via the Theben cloud. The BSI-certified data centre in Germany guarantees maximum data security and reliable protection against tampering.All you need for this is the LUXORplay app, via which you can control the LUXORliving functions can using remote access via the Theben cloud and monitor current statuses.
As the user, you have full control: you activate the cloud access, which can be configured in just a few clicks – without any network expertise required. This means that third parties will not be able to access your user account.
For servicing, customers can transfer administration of the gateway to partners, (e.g. an installer or the Theben service team).

It goes without saying that all LUXORliving functions are also available without a cloud connection. Future extensions that rely on an internet connection, such as voice control, are exempt from this, however.
The Theben cloud is managed in a certified data centre in Germany. This means the LUXORliving smart home system is optimally protected against data theft and tampering.

Start your free trial period now and access your LUXORliving smart home system via the Theben cloud for free for 12 months.

Once the trial period has finished, you can opt for one of the following options:

Activate the Theben cloud for 1 year for €24.99 incl. VAT

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