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Construction diary – a "smart home" is created

Exclusively for Theben, read all about Bernd and Laura B’s home-building journey, from the groundbreaking right through to moving day.
We’ll take you through the most exciting moments, including the connection and start-up of their LUXORliving smart home system.If you’re always thinking about tomorrow and want to prepare for old age, as well as make your everyday life that bit easier, you can starting laying the groundwork with a smart system like LUXORliving. It’s an investment that will pay off (and is therefore much less “extravagant” than it may seem).

We hope some of you will take away some valuable tips for your own day-to-day life and planning your own smart home – with LUXORliving, of course!
Plus, it will be great for our couple to be able to look back over their home-building journey further down the line.

Let’s start with our first tip

If you’re hoping to use a KfW promotional loan for energy-efficient building/renovation to recover some of the costs for the energy consultant required in the process, you need to apply to KfW BEFOREHAND.

We have compiled some more information on this for you on a separate page.

We hope you enjoy reading!

Construction Diary: The Digger Has Rolled Up

Day 1:

Finally! Here we go. The digger has rolled up. After weeks of planning, it’s finally time for the groundbreaking.

Day 2:

The humus layer has been dug up and stored. We’ll use this humus further down the line for the landscape gardening. We’re already very much looking forward to sitting out in our own garden.

Construction Diary: The Humus Layer Has Been Dug Up And Stored
Construction Diary: The Deep Foundation Work.

Around four weeks later:

The deep foundation work. The earthquake zone in Haigerloch combined with the unfavourable substrate means that concrete stilts 8 m deep are required. So we’re literally burying money.

Shortly afterwards:

The preparations for the floor slab will soon be complete. If you’re a bit of a floorplan geek, you can see the contours around the outlines of our new home.

Construction Diary: The Preparations For The Floor Slab Will Soon Be Complete
Construction Diary: The First Ductwork For The LUXORliving Installation Has Been Laid

Two months after the start of construction:

A look into the bathroom of the granny flat in the basement. The first ductwork for the LUXORliving installation has been laid. Unfortunately you can’t look out of the window yet.

The same day:

The tech in the concrete wall. Duct work and the concrete building boxes for attaching to the reinforcement. This smart home requires a lot of planning!

Construction Diary: The Tech In The Concrete Wall
Construction Diary: Get The Cables Into The Ducts At The Same Time

Plan ahead:

Our tip: don’t just lay the ductwork – get the cables into the ducts at the same time. Who knows what happens with the ductwork when the concrete goes in! ;)

Milestone reached:

The basement walls have been concreted and treated with an external wall seal for basements.

Construction Diary: The Basement Walls Have Been Concreted And Treated With An External Wall Seal For Basements
Construction Diary: The Drainage And Our Hallway

Put a lid on it:

The drainage and our hallway. In the background on the basement ceiling, you can also see the ductwork and cables for the next storey.

A good three months after the start of construction:

You can clearly see the insulation boards on the basement walls. These are vital for achieving the required energy-efficiency values.

Construction Diary: You Can Clearly See The Insulation Boards On The Basement Walls
Construction Diary: It’s Great To See The Iron Reinforcement And The Cables Coming Up From The Basement

Next stage:

The first ground-floor wall is up. It’s great to see the iron reinforcement and the cables coming up from the basement.

A note from the property developer:

A tip for the LUXOR living installation: use the deep wall boxes for the buttons/switches. This will make it easier to install the LUXORliving button interfaces.

Construction Diary: Use The Deep Wall Boxes For The Buttons/switches
Construction Diary: Preparation For The Topping Out Is Underway

New year, new progress:

The shell is up. Preparation for the topping out is underway. We are super happy!

Knowledge is power:

Before rendering the insulated external façade, it is important to know (and to measure) exactly what is to be fixed there. The attachment for the letterbox is being prepared here with the telescopic support.

Construction Diary: The Attachment For The Letterbox Is Being Prepared Here With The Telescopic Support
Construction Diary: A View From The South West Of Our Insulated Home

Wrapped up in cotton wool:

A view from the south west of our insulated home. After being wrapped in “cotton wool”, it’s now time for the rendering.


Documenting everything properly is everything. The electrical installation with the corresponding cables and sockets is being measured and photographed.

Construction Diary: The Electrical Installation With The Corresponding Cables And Sockets Is Being Measured And Photographed
Construction Diary: It’s Time To Find The Wall Boxes

Look and you will find:

Once the plaster has gone, it’s time to find the wall boxes – or prepare a diagram beforehand!

Exhausting, but a very good feeling:

Today, the sun is setting slowly… and our hearts are full. Even without the sun, our new home still shines.

Bautagebuch: Even Without The Sun, Our New Home Still Shines
Construction Diary: The Meter Cupboard In The Utility Room Is Being Prepared

Everything it its place:

The meter cupboard in the utility room is being prepared – in other words, the new home for the LUXORliving actuators, the electricity meter, the fuses, etc.

Putting everything to the test:

The first tests. Our electrician is breaking out in a sweat, hoping that everything works. Here in the living and dining space, everything seems to be in order.
The lights and blinds respond to every touch of the button. It’s great that you have manual operating buttons on the actuator with LUXORliving.

Construction Diary: He Lights And Blinds Respond To Every Touch Of The Button
Construction Diary: The Meter Cupboard Is Slowly Being Filled

Full house:

The meter cupboard is slowly being filled. Everything looks really neat and tidy – electrical installation at its best.

Let there be light:

The LED downlights, controlled with LUXORliving. With the twilight and time function, they go on and off automatically.

Construction Diary: The LED Downlights, Controlled With LUXORliving
Construction Diary: Der The LUXORliving Thermostat And The Other Sensors Are Connected To The Bus Line

Ties that stand the test of time:

The LUXORliving thermostat and the other sensors are connected to the bus line.

Everything is in order:

The sub-distributor on the upper floor. A tip for all LUXORliving installers: name the actuators and corresponding channels in a structured, orderly fashion. This will make installing the smart home system a piece of cake!

Construction Diary: The Sub-distributor On The Upper Floor
Construction Diary: The Substructure For The Acoustic Stretched Ceiling

Plan ahead:

The substructure for the acoustic stretched ceiling. The round black plastic vessels on the left side of the picture are required for the LED ceiling downlights.

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