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KNX, but simple.

The open KNX standard for building services engineering offers many benefits as it is future-proof and manufacturer-independent. However, KNX has a reputation for being challenging in the planning and installation phase. This is not the case for LUXORliving: LUXORliving offers all the benefits of KNX but is much simpler and quicker to start up and programme. That’s a promise!

Some smart home systems offer an enormous range of functions that leave many users feeling overwhelmed. LUXORliving is different, focusing on the functions that are really important for smart living:

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Switching and dimming the light

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Controlling heating

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Controlling shading

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Displaying live images from IP cameras

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Using the panic function to switch on all the lights in the house with one click.

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Using central OFF to switch off all devices at the touch of a button

Want more? Then use the intelligent integration options, such as IFTTT and Home Connect Plus. LUXORliving is open to everything.

Future proofing for new buildings and for retrofitting

Whether a detached house or apartment building, villa, loft or one-room apartment, surgery or office: LUXORliving is the perfect basis for your simple smart home system in new and existing buildings.

Are you planning an extension? Want to make your apartment, home or conservatory smarter? With LUXORliving Smart Start as a radio system, smart functions can be retrofitted quickly and easily. Would you like to upgrade LUXORliving to a native KNX system? No problem: thanks to KNX certification, all LUXORliving components can also be retrofitted into a KNX system. This means that your investments are also optimally protected in the future.

Made in Haigerloch

LUXORliving is developed and produced in Haigerloch in the Swabian region of Germany. Our high quality standards and our VDE-authorised testing laboratory ensure that all system components meet the strictest requirements when it comes to performance, reliability and durability – or even exceed them. That means you can enjoy your LUXORliving KNX smart home system in the long term.

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If you have questions about LUXORliving functions, you will find the most important answers here.

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Find an Installer

There is a network of trained installers for the LUXORliving smart home system.
We can put you in touch with an installer in your area who can provide advice, system designs and a quotation.

LUXORplay app for users

LUXORplay is the iOS, Android and Windows app for convenient, safe and really easy operation of LUXORliving via WLAN.

The start-up process is incredibly straightforward, as is the visualisation via the LUXORplay app, which the end user can use to define scenes or times, for example. The first time the phone establishes a connection to the system control centre, the app reads out the project file and picks up all of the names assigned to rooms, switches, etc. As the graphical design is in a standard format, the system can be visualised in the app right from the very first time it is started up. Users can go ahead and visualise and modify the statuses of lights, blinds, roller blinds and general settings, etc.