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Which operating systems are supported?

LUXORplug and LUXORplay are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows 10, 32 bit and 64 bit. The LUXORplay app is also available for Android systems (from version 4.4) and iOS systems (from version 9.x).

To ensure that you can always use your LUXORliving system with the latest functions and to its full extent, we recommend at least Android version 10. Your LUXORliving system will continue to function under older Android versions. However, please understand that we can no longer support older Android versions.

Do I need anything else to control LUXORliving using the app?

You need a LAN connection between your WiFi router and the IP1 system control centre, plus LUXORplay on your mobile device or Windows PC.

Do you need an internet connection to control the system via the LUXORplay app?

No, in principle. The system is connected and controlled via the local network so these processes do not rely on an internet connection.

Can I access LUXORliving when I am away?

Yes, the LUXORliving KNX smart home system can also be controlled remotely online via the Theben Cloud. The BSI-certified data centre in Germany guarantees maximum data security and reliable protection against tampering. Alternatively, remote access can be established via a custom VPN connection.

What happens if the IP1 system control centre is disconnected?

Thanks to decentralised intelligence inside the LUXORliving system, all basic functions will be preserved via the operating controls on-site. However, additional functions, such as time and scene controls, as well as the operation via LUXORplay app, depend on the system centre.

Can I integrate an IP camera into the system?

With the app link function in the LUXORplay app, you can integrate IP cameras. Either link the product-specific app to your IP camera*) or display the camera image directly in your browser.
*) For Android systems only

Do I need other, perhaps fee-based licences for LUXORliving?

No, the LUXORplug and LUXORplay apps for LUXORliving are free. Only remote access via the Theben Cloud is chargeable after one year.

Is the smart home system's communication secure?

Yes. The open standard KNX is used within the system. This has established its position in the building automation sector for decades. Wireless communication is encrypted (AES-128 CCM encryption). The LUXORliving smart home system undergoes regular VDE certification for information security. The system control centre, cloud and user apps are tested for protective measures against bugging, tampering, unauthorised use and loss of data.

Can I assign certain rights to users?

Yes. The user logged on as the administrator can create additional users in the LUXORplay app. These users are given individual log-in details and user-specific rights. If, for example, you don’t want your child to be able to use the “central OFF” function, then you can simply define this under user administration.

As the end user, can I configure settings myself?

Of course. You can configure lots of settings directly in the LUXORplay app, such as creating time programs or individual scenes, activating/deactivating the sun shade function and much more.

How many users can access the system at the same time in the LUXORplay app?

A maximum of 5 users can access the system simultaneously. Please note that the loading times will be longer if several users are connected at the same time.

How are the individual functions operated on site?

It is operated via iON tactile sensors or conventional push buttons. They are integrated into the system via push button interfaces or binary inputs. Push buttons are always used to control the system. Only for the “switch” function can you choose between “button” and “motion detector” (switch). Alternatively, the voice assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can be used for operation.

How many scenes can be saved and controlled?

32 individual scenes can be saved and retrieved.

Can scenes only be set/controlled via LUXORplay or is it also possible to do this via a push button?

Scenes are generally set individually in the LUXORplay app. You can retrieve the scene either from the LUXORplay app or via a push button. For this, the push button must be provided as a “scene trigger” in LUXOR and can be assigned to any scene in LUXORplay. This scene trigger can also be controlled via IFTTT or Home Connect Plus.

Can I move blinds to a predefined position?

Yes. With the scenes function, you can move any number of blinds into a predefined position at the touch of a button.

How is the room temperature controlled in the LUXORliving smart home system?

The room temperature is measured via the iON tactile sensors or the LUXORliving R718 room sensor. Alternatively, the room temperature can also be measured via a temperature sensor on a LUXORliving T4 or T8 push button interface. The set temperature is adjusted in the iON8 room controller, the LUXORliving R718 room sensor or in the LUXORplay app.

Which lamps can be controlled with the LUXORliving dimming actuators?

The LUXORliving D1, D2 and D4 dimming actuators and the D1 RF wireless dimming actuator are designed for incandescent and halogen lamps as well as dimmable LED lamps. Special attention was given to dimming LED lamps; these can be dimmed in a flicker-free and continuous manner in the LUXORliving system. Lights with a DALI interface can also be integrated via the DALI actuator D4 DALI.

How will I be told about updates?

The LUXORplay and LUXORplug applications are constantly being further developed and extended. The LUXORplay app updates automatically from the app stores (Apple Store/Google Play Store). You will receive a corresponding notification.

LUXORplug checks whether a newer version is available each day when you start the program. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to update the application.

You can check for and retrieve updates for the LUXORliving IP1 system control centre in the LUXORplay app. Alternatively, an available update is published with the latest version of LUXORplug. The first time the system is programmed, the IP1 version is checked and, if necessary, updated to start with.

Where can I find more information about the LUXORliving KNX smart home system?

We have various different source of information available to you, such as the system handbook, numerous video tutorials and the LUXORliving newsletter.
You can also contact us directly at any time. Our colleagues will be happy to help you out on the phone at +49 7474 692369 or via

Is it also possible to integrate products from third-party providers in LUXORliving?

LUXORliving can be expanded to include various technologies and services, such as the iHaus IoT platform, over 700 IFTTT services, Bosch Home Connect Plus and EI Electronics for integration of smoke detectors. It is also possible to use voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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