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A simply safer
way to enjoy

A home is only truly a home if you feel safe there, without compromise. In addition to significantly increasing comfort, LUXORliving ensures that you can sit back and relax, surrounded by your four walls.

Central OFF

LUXORliving has a practical “central OFF” function that allows all consumers to be reliably disconnected from the power supply. Those nagging questions, like “Have I switched off the iron?”, are finally a thing of the past, because the LUXORplay app offers swipe-based control – and you can use it when you are on the move.

Smoke detector integration and presence simulation

For safety in the event of a fire, LUXORliving can be linked to smoke detectors so that individual actions – like opening blinds and switching on the lighting – can be taken automatically when there is an alarm.

Lighting and blinds operate automatically, so that the presence of residents can be simulated when they are absent, increasing protection against break-ins.

Weather-supported control

The LUXORliving M140 weather station registers weather events outdoors, such as rain or storms, and ensures that awnings are retracted or windows are automatically closed.

More secure
Remote access
via the cloud

Thank to the cloud with its server based in Germany, together with VDE certification, you will always have optimal protection against manipulation and hacker attacks and can rely on your data remaining secure. The KNX Data Secure wireless components also offer support and protect your LUXORliving system against manipulation and data theft.

Not to forget:

LUXORliving is based on the international KNX standard, meaning it is absolutely future-proof and can be extended with new features and products at any time – for maximum investment security and a high level of flexibility.

LUXORplay app

The LUXORplay app allows you to control all LUXORliving functions and monitor statuses using remote access via the Theben Cloud.

Access via home network
Control centre with LAN connection
Power unit

Cloud hostingin Germany

LUXORliving is VDE certified


If you have questions about LUXORliving functions, you will find the most important answers here.

Video tutorials and workshops

Do you want to know even more about LUXORliving technology and components, and about start-up and operation? Our how-to video tutorials, online seminars and workshops are here to help.

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