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LUXORliving for professionals –

for an even smarter


Quite simple.

Simply smarter.

Simply LUXORliving.

As an electrician or KNX integrator, you want to offer your customers a KNX-based smart home system that’s easy to operate and offers flexible expansion options. And includes all the necessary functions – no more, no less.

Welcome to the professional world of the LUXORliving KNX smart home system. Benefit from mature smart home technologies that are incredibly easy to start up and programme. This truly simple KNX smart home system opens up a whole new world for you and your customers and enables you to tap into new customer groups.

Simply perfect for new buildings and for retrofitting

From single or multiple-family homes to villas, lofts, studio apartments, surgeries or law offices: LUXORliving provides the perfect basis for a simple KNX smart home system in new buildings. Planning an annex? Want a smarter conservatory? A hard-wired KNX system is quick and easy to extend with LUXORliving KNX wireless components.

Simple start-up without ETS

To start up LUXORliving, all you need is the intuitive LUXORplug Windows software, which is available free of charge. It will help you to achieve your goals much faster when modelling the project, setting up rooms, assigning components and creating the project file.

Simple integration into systems and services

Thanks to the KNX technology, LUXORliving is open to flexible extensions of the smart home system. Other technologies and services can also be seamlessly integrated. From voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to IFTTT Home Connect Plus, iHaus and integration of smoke detectors.

All components for smart home systems as required

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Build on your LUXORliving expertise

Do you want to go deeper into the world of LUXORliving and learn more about the technology and products, as well as start-up and operation? Use our practical video tutorials and recordings of online seminars to build on your expertise. And book your place in an upcoming LUXORliving workshop.

All how-to videos and online seminars
Upcoming LUXORliving workshops

LUXORliving comes to you

Do you want to present LUXORliving and other Theben innovations live to customers at your premises? Or do you want to learn about brand-new Theben products without attending a trade fair? Our “Smart Home on Wheels” presentation truck would be delighted to visit you.

Become theBuddy now!

theBuddy is the Theben partner programme that benefits you and your customers. Enjoy exclusive benefits such as expert training sessions, warranty extensions, high-quality promotional material and increased visibility in online searches for specialist dealers.


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