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Smart home system in a new building?

No problem: LUXORliving is wired in exactly the same way as every other KNX installation.

Planning an annex to your house?
Want a smarter conservatory?

With LUXORliving, you can extend existing hard-wired KNX systems quickly and easily with KNX wireless components. You can also integrate DALI lighting systems with HCL and RGBW functionality via a DALI gateway.

And the best thing:
The system is started up and programmed without ETS using the free LUXORplug Windows software. Simple and intuitive. So that you and your customers achieve your goals faster.

LUXORliving KNX smart home system – introduction

Video tutorials and workshops

Do you want to know even more about LUXORliving technology and components, and about start-up and operation? Our how-to video tutorials, online seminars and workshops are here to help.

View the videos