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Simple to install and set up – without ETS

LUXORplug is the free and simple Windows software for starting up LUXORliving. No prior knowledge is required. Just follow your intuition.

Starting things up with LUXORplug is different to using ETS. LUXORplug detects the components and what they can do. As soon as you connect your notebook to the system control centre via the network cable, the software automatically lists the components found, together with parameters and clearly recognisable names. Each unit is assigned a unique one-off number that can be used to identify it throughout its service life. You model the project, specify the number of floors and rooms and provide them with names. After this, you can assign the components to the rooms and give them a clearly recognisable name, e.g. “blinds in children’s room”.

The start-up process works on a room-by-room basis. Connected devices can be downloaded to the system control centre at any time for testing. This is supported by predefined default channels for each device as well as a diagnostic function in case an error occurs.

With LUXORplug, you can create the project file in an instant. Whether you are carrying out the installation at your office or directly at the customer’s site, you have everything at your fingertips.

Configuring LUXORliving is easy

Start project

First, enter all the relevant project information, such as the project name, builder, address and installer.

Create overview

Use drag and drop to add the rooms to the appropriate floors and give them individual names.

Integrate devices

Devices that have already been installed can be imported, identified and named automatically. Or you can create the device list manually.

Define functions

Add functions to the devices for each room using drag and drop. Using this simple method, you determine which devices communicate with each other.

Program functions

The functions can be transferred at any time. The project planning does not have to be completely finished to program the devices.

Prepare visualisation

Transmit the project file to the system control centre. The functions are then extremely easy to operate and configure using the LUXORplay app.

LUXORplug software for starting up the KNX-based smart home systems LUXORliving from Theben

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