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Maximum safety

Smoke detector integration by EI Electronics


Smoke Detectors System Overview

House fires or undetected carbon monoxide leaks (in the example from our partner can be fatal. That is why it is a particularly smart move to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors integrated into your LUXORliving system.

Thanks to the underlying mesh wireless networking, residents are warned of smoke and carbon monoxide quickly and reliably and can get themselves to safety in good time. For example, an alarm can cause blinds or roller blinds to be opened automatically to provide an escape route. There is also the option of switching on the lighting in certain areas to illuminate escape routes.

Note: The LUXORliving smart home system is not a life-saving system. The application examples described here are only intended to show the interaction between different solutions and do not release you from your obligation to comply with the legal regulations.


In this application example, wireless alarm units are integrated via a coupler module and button interfaces. The Ei414 coupler module has separate floating relay outputs for detecting fires and detecting CO. Another floating relay output transmits detector faults and informs you if detectors have been removed from the base without authorisation.
The relay outputs can be connected to the binary inputs (LUXORliving B6, T2, T4 or T8) of the LUXORliving system.

In this application example, a LUXORliving T4 button interface is used to forward the CO and fire warning. You have the option of integrating a fault message into the LUXORliving system via another input or activating the acoustics at all alarms (e.g. in the event of a panic alarm) via a switch contact.

Programming in LUXORplug and LUXORplay

The inputs of the LUXORliving T4 button interface can be assigned to any functions in the LUXORplugsoftware. In this application example, the fire warning and the CO warning are used as triggers for individual scenes.

As a result, new scene triggers are added, for the utility room, for example.

LUXORplug Identification

In the LUXORplay app, the new “CO warning” and “fire warning” scenes can then be created and the corresponding scene trigger can be selected.

LUXORplay Participants

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