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LUXORliving smart home – available now:

The full version of the LUXORplay smart home app

LUXORplay is the iOS and Android app for convenient, safe and really easy operation of LUXORliving via Wi-Fi.The start-up process is incredibly straightforward, as is the visualisation via the LUXORplay app, which the end user can use to define scenes or times, for example. The first time the phone establishes a connection to the system control centre, the app reads out the project file and picks up all of the names assigned to rooms, switches, etc. As the graphical design is in a standard format, the system can be visualised in the app right from the very first time it is started up. Users can go ahead and visualise and modify the statuses of lights, blinds, roller blinds and general settings, etc.

The app can be downloaded for free from the iOS and Android app stores now:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store


App Store
App Store


NEW: LUXORplay for Windows

The Windows version of LUXORplay can be downloaded directly here.

Download 32-bit version Download 64-bit version

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