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New functions LUXORplug and LUXORplay

LUXORplug & LUXORplay with new functions

The Windows-based LUXORplug configuration software and the LUXORplay control app have been updated. Here are some of the highlights:

Status display to display statuses and values (temperatures) in read-only format (LUXORplug & LUXORplay)
Pulse generator for the switching function, e.g. for door/gate opener control (LUXORplug & LUXORplay)
Individual designation for the brightness sensors on the weather station (LUXORplug & LUXORplay)
Configurable switch-on value for the “Dimmer” function with choice of “most recent brightness”, “minimum dimming value” or individual dimming values from 10-100% (LUXORplug)
Diagnostics can continue in the background, test commands can be sent for the “wind”, “rain” and “frost” functions (LUXORplug)
Slat position can be adjusted in scenes in addition to “height %” (LUXORplay)
Choice of display unit for wind speed in km/h or m/s (LUXORplay)
Firmware update for the LUXORliving IP1 system control centre included

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