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LUXORliving is extendable

For all those thinking today about tomorrow.

LUXORliving – is clever system, consisting of actuators, sensors, a power unit and the control centre SysKo. It is extremely easy to start up. LUXORliving is based on open standards and so is a future-proof system, which can be extended as required.

If security is your top priority, then the Wi-Fi-controlled smart home system offers everything installers and homeowners want and with the update capability of the central system, you can play it safe with regard to future functional upgrades.

For those who would like to keep their options open, LUXORliving can be installed in a basic version. After programming,  the control centre is removed and stays with the installer, however at any time in the future the homeowner can upgrade and install an control centre and thus integrate all associated additional functions.

LUXORliving - an intuitive system, super simple to oerate

Discover actuators, sensors and many more

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