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LUXOR, you faithful friend.

It was nice!

The LUXOR comfort control system has been successfully used for more than 15 years and is still a favourite with electricians and end customers alike because of its simple start-up and operation. However, time has not stood still. 15 years ago nobody even talked about a “smart home”, let alone thinking about using it with a smartphone, a tablet or voice control, yet now these terms have become synonymous for “comfortable living”.

In 2018, we launched a new living comfort, sorry, smart home system on the market: LUXORliving. The system provides all the functions of the LUXOR living comfort control and much, much more:

  • Easy start-up (
  • Automatic shading function
  • Time-controlled actions
  • User-specific scene controls
  • Central OFF
  • Panic function
  • Presence simulation
  • Intuitive operation with: conventional switch fixtures, system-related tactile sensors, LUXORplay app for iOS, Android and Windows PC, voice control, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Function/feature LUXOR LUXORliving
Simple start-up
Start-up with softwarex
Network connectionx
Max. number of devices in the system1664 + 64 wireless
Devices can be installed in different cabinets
The connection between the devices is made using YCYM, or Y(ST)Y, or J-Y(ST)Y communication line
Use of common switch fixtures
Dedicated tactile sensors availablex
Flush-mounted actuators availablex
Wireless products availablex
Simple operation
Operation by appx
Voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Homex
Switching of lighting, socket outlets and other consumers
Time function for e.g. staircase light
Dimming incandescent, halogen and LED lamps
Controlling blinds, roller blinds or awnings
Regulation of heating or cooling circuits e.g. radiator or under-floor systemsx
Time control of functions possible
Individual scene controls(3)(32)
Integration of all functions (switching, dimming, drives, room climate) in the scene controlsx
Twilight-dependent control of the lighting
Automatic shading control
Wind alarm to protect awnings or blinds
User-specific scene controls
Central OFF function
Panic function
Presence simulation (holiday function)

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

... Replacing LUXOR

Spare parts and replacement units will be available for as long as possible. In the event of a fault, it is possible that devices will be checked by us and repaired if necessary. In case of need, please contact our Service Center at or +49 7474 692369

No, the technical support and advice will of course not end. If you have any questions, please contact us at or phone +49 7474 692369

No, a combination is generally not possible. The two systems use different “system languages”. When changing from LUXOR to LUXORliving, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Yes, LUXORliving can also be operated with conventional buttons. They can be integrated into LUXORliving with button interfaces or binary inputs in the distributor. LUXORliving can also be controlled from the LUXORplay app and the dedicated tactile sensors.

For controlling roller blinds or blinds with LUXOR, a diode module was used for the operation via a double button.

This required only one sensor wire for the control of both directions of travel.

This type of wiring is not possible with LUXORliving!


  1. An additional wire must be available at the control point so that a separate sensor wire goes into the distribution for the control of both travel directions.
  2. As an alternative, a communication line can be routed to the control point, and the buttons can be connected to a button interface (LUXORliving T2, T4 or T8).
  3. If neither is possible, the buttons can be connected to a wireless button interface (LUXORliving T4 RF). The wireless button interface needs a supply voltage of 230 V.

LUXORliving contains all the functions that are also found in LUXOR, e.g. central off, panic and holiday function, automatic shading, time control, etc. In addition, LUXORliving allows you to control the room climate, set up individual, cross-functional scenes, operate each function by using the LUXORplay app, as well as integrate with Amazon-Alexa and Google-Home assistants for voice control and interaction with other smart products, and a lot more.

Discover the advantages of LUXORliving at or have a look at the tutorials on our YouTube channel.

LUXORliving offers maximum investment security to you as a user. The system is continually being expanded with new devices and functions.  And, because it uses the “KNX” standard for internal communication you can change from the LUXORliving smart home system to a classic KNX system, which allows communication across manufacturers. The outstanding feature is that the system can be changed without replacing LUXORliving hardware, as each LUXORliving device can continue to be used in a classic KNX installation. This means the purchase of the LUXORliving smart home system is money well invested.

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