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Simply safe. Simply LUXORliving

The smart choice for houses, flats, villas, doctor's surgeries and offices

Anyone who is building or renovating should include LUXORliving in their plans. The smart home system makes houses and flats more comfortable and provides a pleasant working atmosphere in offices and doctor’s surgeries too. The smart home system also creates optimum conditions for you to tap into potential to save energy.

Where the sun heats up the glass façade at the same time every day, LUXORliving regulates the blinds and provides the necessary shade. Individually or in groups – always fully automatic. In the evening LUXORliving brings the bedroom temperature down to a pleasant 18°C and in the morning warms the bathroom to a cosy 22°C to ensure a great start to the day. Totally adapted to the needs of the occupants. And of course, in every room all over the house at any time of day. At birthday parties and other celebrations, LUXORliving creates a great atmosphere by switching lights on and off or dimming them as necessary. And of course, this not only applies to special occasions, but any time that the occupants of the house need it.

And with its panic function, LUXORliving always gives you that extra security – if the worst comes to the worst, it can deter uninvited guests from entering the property. And the controls themselves are also extremely safe – via LUXORplay and wireless LAN.

LUXORliving keeps everyone who uses it happy. Even the electricians who install it. It is extremely easy to start up. And just as easy to use. LUXORliving – simply secure, simply smart.

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