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Super simple. Simply super.

Installation and operation

Simple start-up

Icon simple start-up

You thought LUXOR was easy to install. LUXORliving is extra easy. Easy to install, to wire and to set. Done. No ETS. No licence required. No prior knowledge either. Just go with your intuition – speedy, safe, simple.

Free button selection

Icon free button selection

With many smart home systems, the switches are preset. This is not the case with LUXORliving. The occupant of the house is free to choose, as our binary inputs and button interfaces are open to cover every switch design.

Certified KNX system

Icon KNX

LUXORliving is a system with certified KNX devices and can be therefore updated to proprietary systems, is a secure investment and can be further developed. The show-stopper: LUXORliving has as much KNX as is needed and as little complexity as possible. The scope of functions is limited to the bare minimum. That’s what makes LUXORliving so incredibly simple. For the installer as well as for the user.

Control centre ON/OFF function

Icon central OFF/ON

Everything runs via the IP1 system control centre. If it is on, the controls run simply through LUXORplay and WLAN. If it’s off, it’s off. And so nobody has access to the functions that they shouldn’t.

Removable LUXOR IP1 system control centre

Icon removable system control centre SysKo

Those homeowners who are thinking about tomorrow but aren’t ready for a smart home just yet, can install LUXORliving and can set the system so that it is unchangeable to start with. This will save system control centre costs and they have the possibility of upgrading LUXORliving at any time. The economical, fast and simple start for all those who aren’t yet “smart” enough, but want to be in the future.

Flexible BUS wiring

Icon flexible BUS wiring

Conventional set-ups have fixed wiring. This is not the case with LUXORliving. LUXORliving is based on flexible BUS wiring, thanks to which lights, roller blinds or other functions can be assigned to the buttons of your choice. This gives you leeway to change existing installations and reduces costs, as fewer switches are needed.

Clever presence simulation

Icon clever presence simulation

When the occupants are at home, they use LUXORliving. When they’re not at home, LUXORliving is of use to them. The clever smart home system saves the usage patterns of the last seven days and simulates presence, whilst the occupants can enjoy their holiday without having to worry.

1home voice control

Icon voice control

LUXORliving executes your commands directly with 1home voice control. Whether you use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the defined functions are carried out in the simplest way possible when you connect the LUXORliving IP1 system control centre to 1home. You can find more details on 1home’s website >

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