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The all-inclusive package from Theben

LUXORliving starter sets

All good things come in threes: our LUXORliving starter sets provide an excellent way to enter the world of smart homes. Each of the packages focuses on one specific thing. What’s more, the components can be expanded and developed on an individual basis at any time. Exactly how you want them.

LUXORliving Startserset Antriebe basic

Let the sunshine in!
Drives basic starter set

The LUXORliving smart home system, for example, makes it child’s play to control blinds in single-family houses, apartments, offices and medical practices. It is just as easy to install as it is to operate and therefore attractive for both: Both the electrician and the user. And best of all: LUXORliving is expandable.

Beginners can implement energy-efficient and safe control of various drives with this starter set:

Contents (article number 4990013):

Let there be light!
Lighting starter set

Dimming LEDs harmoniously – sounds easy, right? However, the devil is often in the detail. With Theben’s universal dimmers, there’s no flickering or glimmering. Thanks to different dimming curves, you can create cosy lighting scenarios and dim LEDs without flickering with our dimming actuators. Plus, you don’t need to decide between using buttons or the app – both are possible. You can control your lighting via the LUXORliving IP1 system control system using the LUXORplay app. You can also integrate every switch range of your choice via the LUXORliving T4 button interfaces.
Lay the foundations for an attractive ambience with our lighting starter set:

Contents (item number 4990011):

LUXORliving set lighting
LUXORliving set drives

Let the sunshine in!
Drives starter set

Where the sun heats up the window at midday, LUXORliving automatically positions your blinds and provides the necessary shade. The LUXORliving M140 weather station records the relevant information for this. It provides reliable information about the brightness, temperature, rain and wind speed for your smart home. The blind actuators then respond to these values accordingly: blinds and awnings retract safely in the event of rain or storms, the rooms do not heat up in the summer and you can fully exploit the warm rays of sunshine in the winter. Individually or in groups – always fully automatic.

With this starter set, you can control different drives safely and reliably:

Contents (item number 4990010):

One for all!
Drives and lighting starter set

This starter gives you all of the functionalities of the LUXORliving smart home system: from atmospheric lighting and fully automatic shading right through to individually definable scenarios. What’s more, you can also implement various security and comfort functions such as control centre OFF, presence simulation, IP camera integration and a panic function. So everything that makes a smart home what it is.

Implement the key smart home functions with our drives and lighting starter set.

Contents (item number 4990012):

LUXORliving set drives/lighting
LUXORliving starter sets at a glance
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