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LUXORliving by radio
expansion for the wired system

Do you want to extend your home with a wired LUXORliving system by adding an extension or conservatory and equipping it with smart functions?

No problem: with LUXORliving, existing installations can be quickly and easily extended with KNX wireless actuators – without additional wiring but with all the usual functions. The RF1 media coupler serves as an interface between the wired system and RF components. In addition, KNX gateways can also be used to integrate DALI lighting systems with HCL and RGBW functionality, for example, in order to individually adjust the colour and colour temperature in the rooms.

Of course, radio-based push-button actuator modules can also be used to retrofit wired LUXORliving systems. Perfect when things need to be done particularly quickly and for flat switch boxes.

LUXORliving KNX smart home system – introduction

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Video tutorials and workshops

Do you want to know even more about LUXORliving technology and components, and about start-up and operation? Our how-to video tutorials, online seminars and workshops are here to help.

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