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The Smart Home has just got a whole lot smarter

Introducing the new Smart Home system LUXORliving

LUXORliving is the simple Smart Home system from Theben, offering all-round home comfort. Switching and dimming lights regulating the heating, controlling the blinds, curtains or shutters. This is what LUXORliving is all about. And the best thing: LUXORliving is so simple to install and use that you don’t need to be a specialized integrator to install LUXORliving. Simply wonderful. Simply LUXORliving.

LUXORliving – enjoy comfort

Not everything that is technically possible is also necessary

The open KNX standard for building technology offers many advantages because it is future-proof and manufacturer-independent, but is also considered to be demanding in planning and installation. Programming, for example, requires in-depth knowledge and a lot of experience that not every electrical worker can cover. An interesting alternative, especially for residential buildings, is therefore to use simpler and cheaper systems such as LUXORliving. It is based on the tried and tested standard with all its advantages, but is much easier to program and put into operation.

Focus on the essentials

The solution focuses on essential functions that are important for smart living: simply switch on and dim the lights, regulate the heating, control the shading, display live images from IP cameras or use the clever panic function that turns on all the lights in the house with just one click. The hardware only consists of around a dozen KNX-certified sensor and actuator modules as well as a system center.

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