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Produktbild Universaldimmaktor D2
BI180 wall-mounted motion detector

Motion detector (PIR) with push button for indoor wall mounting

Bewegungsmelder in einem hellen, besuchten Raum.

You sit on the sofa and are cold or blinded by the sun. However, the ability to move is restricted and you cannot simply reach the thermostat or the blinds to increase the temperature and lower the blinds. With LUXORliving, the temperature and shading can be easily adjusted from the sofa using voice control or an app. Or you can use preset scenes via the app to set an evening temperature, for example, while simultaneously lowering the blinds and dimming the lighting.

Paar sitzt auf dem Sofa und entspannen

You have to go to the toilet at night. Falls often occur here. With the LUXORplay App you can set special lighting conditions for day and night. While the light shines bright during the day, it is dimmed down at night. This means you won’t be blinded when the light turns on in the dark (preferably via a motion detector) and you can move more safely through the home. You can also fall asleep more easily thanks to the pleasantly dimmed light.

Person steigt Treppen hinab, welche von Treppenlichter beleuchtet werden

Would you like to equip your apartment or home with smart functions that support you in your everyday life? With LUXORliving Smart Start as a wireless system, you can easily and quickly retrofit a smart home system in your home. For a comfortable and self-determined life today and in the future.

Mann in einem gedimmten Raum Mann mit Kopfhörern vor einem beleuchteten Raum

Ambient Assisted Living with LUXORliving makes family life easier

A harmless operation after a hernia ended up badly for Sylvia Krosse. By sheer misfortune, complications led to paraplegia. From that moment on, it was a long way for her and her family to be able to lead a “normal” family life again. This is now possible again thanks to LUXORliving. It is now possible to control windows, doors, blinds and indoor and outdoor lighting via the LUXORplay app from the wheelchair. Complex manual settings are avoided through the use of many different scenes, like a care scene, sleep scene and TV scene.

Backsteinhaus von außen mit Garten
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If you have questions about LUXORliving functions, you will find the most important answers here.

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Video tutorials and workshops

Do you want to know even more about LUXORliving technology and components, and about start-up and operation? Our how-to video tutorials, online seminars and workshops are here to help.

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