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The growing demands for sustainable construction are increasing the importance of renovating and retrofitting existing buildings. With the radio-based KNX Smart Home system LUXORliving Smart Start, apartments, single and multi-family homes, classrooms, stores or offices can be retrofitted with KNX-based Smart Home functions, even if no KNX installation is available.

LUXORliving Smart Start is based on the current KNX RF standard RF1.It offers all the functions you really need today and in the future, including switching, dimming, blinds, climate, scenes, groups, central OFF, panic function, window contacts, time control and astro function. The range of functions can be flexibly expanded by integrating Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, EI electronics, Metzler, Hikvision, ProKNX and much more.

Simple commissioning and operation

The KNX radio system requires no system devices such as media couplers or power supply in the consumer unit and, above all, no ETS. Instead, the LUXORliving IP-RF room controller forms the centrepiece in combination with compact push-button actuator modules for switching, dimming and blind control. Thanks to KNX Data Secure, wireless communication is protected against data theft and manipulation. Smart Start is commissioned without ETS via the LUXORplug Windows software. Operation is via LUXORliving IP-RF, push-button, LUXORplay app or voice. Remote control is optionally possible via the secure Theben Cloud.

The flat push-button actuator modules instead of conventional flush-mounted RF actuators plus push-buttons simplify installation.  Without system devices such as power supply and media couplers and without an ETS licence, costs can be significantly reduced. In addition, subsequent integration into wired KNX systems is possible without any problems, which means that investments are optimally protected.

Simple entry to the smart home for ambient assisted living

LUXORliving Smart Start also has another aspect in mind: Demographic change will cause the need and demand for assistance systems to skyrocket in the coming years. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) with a radio-based system like LUXORliving Smart Start offers many options for making everyday life easier, protecting people from harm and improving their quality of life. Getting into the smart home can be so simple and future-proof.

Everything you need to know about smart home retrofitting with LUXORliving Smart Start