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The demand for KNX-based systems in combination with DALI lighting control is constantly growing. The new LUXORliving DALI UP dimming actuators from Theben offer a simple and cost-effective alternative to DALI gateways where these would be oversized due to a small number of luminaires and lighting groups.

The DALI-2 certified flush-mounted dimming actuators are available for the KNX Smart Home System LUXORliving as well as for native KNX systems and each as twisted pair and RF variants. They can thus be used in residential and functional buildings to control DALI luminaires and are suitable both for new buildings and for retrofitting in existing buildings.

The DALI actuators enable the control of standard luminaires and relays. Colour control (RGB and RGBW) and control of the colour temperature (CCT) of devices according to DALI Device Type 8 (DT8) are also supported. A total of up to 30 ECGs can be controlled. Thanks to broadcast operation, no time-consuming group assignment is necessary when commissioning and replacing luminaires. Thanks to its compact design, the luminaire can be surface-mounted and flush-mounted or installed in ceiling boxes and false ceilings. Two external inputs allow the connection of potential-free push-buttons, switches or a temperature sensor.

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